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Certified AKC Breeder

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Many of us have pets, but finding a new one with the proper pedigree can be nothing less than a difficult, tedious process.


At Countryside Dobermans SC, you’ll find certified Doberman breeders with diverse expertise in breeding. We’ve had Dobermans for the last 35 years, and now we have added European Dobermans to our Kennel to offer you healthy and diverse Doberman puppies to choose from, all of them certified by the AKC. We are located in Prosperity, and you can reach us through our Contact form below.

Countryside Dobermans SC has a new litter of 100% European Dobermans available December 9th

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Both parents are health tested as well as champions in their home country of Serbia.  The mother's (dam) name is Sculptors Doberman Opra. The father's (sire) name is Hilton Betelges.  Hilton remains in Serbia with his owner.

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